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Welcome to your new home in Oaxaca City. Our house is designed with local textiles and ceramics so you can enjoy Oaxaca right from your bedroom. Experience the buzz of local life in one of the best neighbourhoods of Oaxaca City – Barrio de Jalatlaco. Work from home on our terrace overlooking thecolourful rooftops or from our breakfast bar under the disco ball.


With the rise of travellers now being able to work from anywhere in the world, we’ve designed our home in Oaxaca City to be remote-worker friendly with the fastest wifi available of 125 mbps speeds that reach every corner of the house.


Get comfortable in our cozy home in Oaxaca City. Natural light pours in and creates a warm glow as it meets our Mexican pink walls. Head up to our terrace for panoramic views of the Guelaguetza and enjoy the tranquility of this barrio.


Do you want to feel like you’ve connected to the local way of life, rather than just stopped through? We have hundreds of local recommendations to share with you so you can experience the best of Oaxacan culture and gastronomy.

your home in oaxaca city…

Private room in Jalatlaco, Oaxaca City
Private room with natural light in Oaxaca City

Oaxaca Travel Guide

The enchanting city of Oaxaca captures the hearts of all its visitors and as soon as you arrive and begin to wander the cobbled streets of the historic centre, you’ll soon learn how.

Follow our journey!