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Mapa Café : A Combi Café

Welcome to Mapa Café – a VW combi café travelling around Latin America, selling and preparing locally-produced coffee for weary travellers and locals alike. The focus of our travels is to meet local coffee producers and farmers in Latin America and learn more about the coffee-growing process, as well as coffee roasting and tasting, to be able to source the best Central and South American coffee. In our Combi Café, we prepare a selection of coffee, from classic americanos and cappuccinos to sophisticated flat whites and experimenting with espresso tonics and cold brews. We also sell coffee beans and ground coffee for you to enjoy at home. There’s a coffee for everyone at Mapa Café. Follow our journey on Instagram and you can read about our travels in our blogs below.

If you know of or are a coffee producer in Central America, get in touch: – we’d love to work with you!

We are also always looking for friendly places to park and sell coffee. So far, we have sold coffee at farmers markets, night markets, hostels and bars, so get in touch if you’d like us to work with you!

Next stop: Belize and Guatemala in April and May. 2024.